Welcome to the BBL Official Shop

Hi there and thanks for taking a peek! This is the BBL official shop - where you'll find all the latest-and-greatest gear, nutrition plans, on demand workout series, quickie workouts, challenges and much more. Body By Leslie isn't just a workout, it's a lifestyle and a community of people that are ready to get back into the life they deserve.


BBL Sliders

The BBL Sliders is the ultimate resource to slide your way to sculpted abs, arms, legs, and booty! They're cute, compact, and reversible so you can use them on hard or soft surfaces!

BBL Bands

The BBL Booty Bands are all you need to take your sweat sesh next level. They add just the right resistance so that you can really be feeling yourself when you're done.

BBL Jump Rope

The BBL Jump Rope is what you need to bring that heart rate up in a non-impact, quick workout.